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This can mean changes in the way you live your life.For some people it’s just for a while, but for others, the changes may be lifelong.The transplant team will be watching you closely for complications, so expect to be at the clinic every day for a few weeks.You may still need to be in the hospital if your situation changes or if you start having complications.Some people also may not be eligible for transplant if they have other major health problems, such as serious heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease.

You and the caregiver will also need reliable transportation to and from the clinic.The CVC will stay in during your treatment and for some time afterward, usually until your transplanted stem cells have engrafted and your blood counts are on a steady climb to normal.Younger people, those who are in the early stages of disease, or those who have not already had a lot of treatment, often do better with transplants. For instance, they may not allow regular allogeneic transplants for people over 50 or autologous transplants for people over 65.Before you have a transplant, you need to discuss the transplant process and all its effects with your doctors.It also helps to talk to others who have already had transplants.

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