Back dating vista back to xp

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Here's a table that summarizes the support policy for all of the current Windows desktop versions.

Update: As of February 2012, Microsoft has changed its support lifecycle so that consumer and business versions have the same extended support options. The dates for business editions are the same as for consumer editions.

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By that time, Windows 8 will probably be well past its first birthday, and Microsoft will (at least for a short time) be supporting four separate Windows versions.For Windows XP, however, those calculations don't work, because Microsoft has extended XP's life artificially.To find XP's end-of-support date, you should use the Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search page to get the official answer.Microsoft's support policy is still returning to normal after XP was allowed to live well past its normal retirement date and then got multiple extensions to placate customers who just said no to Vista.I was reminded of this confusion earlier today when Matt Gardenghi asked a great question via Twitter: Microsoft has a well-documented support lifecycle for its software products.

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