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And in a way he did, ’cause I had to really start again, thank god. He called me every single day for a year, but I was so hurt and so betrayed.

This superstar is single and she’s been feeling herself lately. Until he told everyone – the crew, the other dancers.

Rivers was an old-school trouper, fully immersed in pop culture for her comedy routine. She’d be a fool to go back unless ABC gave her a ton more money and a slice of the network. This is what it was like when we went from radio to television. JR: Good for them, I don’t know if I’d have gone that step if I were gay.

She made jokes about the Kardashians and Kristen Stewart on , later she had her own talk show. If I were an actress and young teens loved me, would I have come out and said, “I hate young boys.” I don’t know. Nobody’s going to vote for me now, I’m never going to win anything. I’ve not been invited to the Vanity Fair [Oscars night] party.

In the middle of the night at an airport someone told me they had lit a candle for me. Nancy Reagan [Rivers’ longtime friend] got Edgar’s body out of Philadelphia for me. JR: When I was fired, he knew it was his fault [he was her manager], and he committed suicide. Edgar just took all the columns away and pulled it down. I’ve reached the point in my life where you think, “That’s it.”TT: You don’t miss sex? ” Go fuck yourself, I’ve had more good times than you’ll ever know, so don’t you dare patronize me. I love Kelly, and as for her love life, I tell her to not do all this at 45, to get it out of her system now.

We were all down in the rubble, and he didn’t want to dig himself out. The lady he had been seeing had been making purchases using his money. JR: You look at yourself and say, “How can you get a minus-44 dark room, pitch black and then some. And with younger men, as my mother always said, “You need to be the good-looking one.” I miss being able to say to someone after a party, “Can you believe what that person said?

A group of contestants compete in business-related tasks to become "apprentice" to real estate mogul Donald Trump.

At the end of each task, one contestant (sometimes more) is "fired" by the man himself.

Joking about the plastic surgery she’s had, she told me in 2010 when I interviewed her in her luxurious Upper East Side apartment, how she had bumped into the cast of Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City in the waiting room of Pat Wexler, “the best doctor in New York,” who collectively couldn’t blow out the candles of Wexler’s birthday cake. Kenneth Battelle, one of my great hairdressers…he did Jackie [Kennedy], Barbra Streisand’s, and Gloria Vanderbilt’s hair in the ‘50s and ‘60s. He would call me up and say, “Jackie just sent me big thing of Petrossian.

As , the brilliant, genuinely candid 2010 documentary about her life made clear, Rivers worked relentlessly because she was terrified about what not working means: not being relevant, or in the mix. JR: Oh well, Gwyneth Paltrow, my little Gwennie-Wennie, and her two children, what is it…Apple and Sardine? JR: I know, but do you sacrifice your life for others?

She didn’t crave fame, she craved attention and recognition, and staying in the game, having a voice. On In Bed With Joan I can say anything, there’s Twitter and Vine. TT: Well, very brave people who have fought for gay rights have sacrificed their lives for others.

She was, unusually for a comedian, as funny and engaging off stage as on. I said I’d caught Kim’s bouquet, the first thing I ever caught from Kim that I didn’t have to get a shot of penicillin for. JR: Tom Cruise’s tombstone is going to say, “Here lies Tom Cruise—allegedly.”TT: Why are A-list stars still closeted? I haven’t been invited to the White House since the Reagans were there. TT: Why aren’t there women in the top hosting jobs? It’s not to do with male or female, but you’ve got to be tough yet soft, familiar yet in control. You have to ask the same questions of the same starlets all the time.

She dished, she was indiscreet, she considered your questions, she took seriously what was asked seriously (about her husband’s suicide, her sister’s death, her own mortality), and the rest of the time made you laugh and laugh—like a drain. JR: I think Ricky Martin did it right: Make your money and say, “Guess what, this is my partner.”TT: But that shows the intolerance of Hollywood that you can’t be out as a star in your prime, rather than later.

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