Boundaries for christian dating

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They grew up with good strict mothers who said, “Johnny, go wash your hands before coming to the table.” If they had touched something unclean at the market and then ate without washing, they would transfer that uncleanness to themselves. Christians believe they can keep themselves pure by observing certain rules designed to keep them away from evil things. I should avoid certain situations.” Aren’t rules necessary to maintain purity among believers?Is it by living by certain rules that distinguish someone as a Christian?There have been a plethora of books, seminars, and conferences devoted to teaching physical purity (saving sex for marriage) and emotional purity (guarding your heart). There is no answer to these questions because purity is an issue of the heart, not conduct.This concept is taught by Jesus in Mark 7:1-23 when the Pharisees saw the disciples of Jesus eating without washing their hands.

It’s too difficult to think when passion overtakes you. You can resist temptation if you put on the whole armor of God (Eph.

Your life still has no value,” continued Smart." (source)Setting physical boundaries in your courtship has nothing to do with your worth as a person.

Protecting your purity has to do with your well being and God's glory.

Physical touch/intimacy should correspond with commitment. This doesn’t mean anything goes if you are engaged. What is your motivation -- power and control, gratifying your own ego, meeting a selfish need, or genuine affection?

If you feel convicted of certain behaviors, stop doing them.

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