Broadcast naked from webcam

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In 2014 a voyeuristic website popped up in the news.

It streamed video from thousands of webcams located in 250 world countries.

The hacker told 2ch users that 90% of such programs are delivered together with malware.

Having hacked these PCs with the help of malware, the criminal installed in compromised systems Luminosity Link — legal software, which is designed for computers remote administration.

Having access to your system, the culprit can steal data from your accounts (including your online banking), turn your PC into a part of botnet and use it to infect your friends’ devices. Downloading free software from third-party sites is risky.

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2ch (or ‘Dvach’) is an anonymous website, popular among Internet trolls, moral and justice crusaders, people with ‘alternative’ sense of humor, young hackers — a variety of individuals actually, from all walks of life.

The 2ch case is quite different from other incidents listed above: this time the hacker received almost full control over victims devices, not only their webcams. His favorite trick is to open a homosexual porn page when the unsuspecting user is near the computer, or show the victim’s page to the trolls.

After this, the anonymous mass of trolls combine to cyberbully the hacked user on the social network.

In the thread he explained that victims downloaded cracks for computer games and other dubious software.

For example, many users in the stream had some free video downloader called Media Get installed.

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