Couples therapy while dating

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“The first couple of counseling sessions are meant to gather information and build rapport,” Brewer says.“Some clients have greater urgency than others to air their grievances which may prolong the intake process, but the [these] sessions are meant to familiarize couples with the treatment process and develop goals for their time in counseling.”For those new to the world of counseling, the resources can be a bit overwhelming or confusing.As with any new experience, you may at first feel hesitant or anxious about the unknown experience.For your first session, it may help to understand what you can reasonably expect to go down.Empathy is critical in all relationships, particularly romantic ones, and it is an important piece to the counseling puzzle.“Developing empathy for one’s partner is the central goal in couples counseling.

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“This is where I would look at the experience and bio for a given provider.

Additionally, Brewer explained that there are little to no downsides of seeking out couples counseling, so the benefit far outweighs the little to no risk involved.

“Insight and self-awareness of one’s behavior is worth brief couples counseling alone," he says.

To that end, clients are encouraged to understand their own bias or worldview, which may be culturally based, class-based, experience-based, or family based,” explains Brewer.

Through the counseling process, individuals begin to examine their own family system and experiences to try to begin to understand how their own thought patterns and behaviors were shaped.

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