Dagrassi dating game

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Imogen apologizes to Becky, but something tells me things will get worse for the friends before they get better.

‘ fourth season delivered pretty much everything you could possibly want in a finale: prom, dramz and actual bombs. But that’s still pretty messed up, even by this show’s standards.) The finale picked up immediately after Zig’s tumble down the hill, with Maya happening upon an out-of-her-mind Esme, who somehow blamed Maya for the “accident.” In a somewhat full-circle act of bravery, Maya traversed the treacherous hill (and in heels, no less! (Side question: Which Degrassi faculty members still think it’s a good idea to hold school-sanctioned dances?

Drew did, and although he didn’t get his job back, he did get a settlement, a positive reference and a list of Mr.* It was a finale of major highs and crushing lows for Zoë, who used the confidence she gained from winning prom queen to invite her mom to graduation.It seemed like fences were finally being mended, but Zoë’s hopes were dashed when her dad showed up to give her a box of documents — things she needed for university — essentially implying that Zoë’s mother wanted nothing more to do with her.Hollingsworth’s business contacts so that Drew and Dallas could start their party planning business together after graduation.Becky was feeling ostracized by her family, so to combat the loneliness, she got lost in an RPG called “Realm of Doom.” Imogen warned Becky about getting too obsessed with the game, but also supported Becky’s blossoming online romance by helping her pick out a dress for her online “date.”Finally, this week, Imogen gets a storyline all her own!

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