Dating in pittsburgh

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It has been absolutely fascinating in so many ways. (more…) A few weeks ago, there was an article talking about holidays in terms of handling them as a parent.Luther was also collecting about 20% of the defensive rebounds. Now with Luther out for at least two weeks, the rebounding issue is going to be significant. The first early signing period in college football is only a couple days away. The buyout is the thing, and a new contract/extension for 7 years (or a 2 year extension if you prefer) certainly will up the buyout. During the basketball game last night, there were tweets coming out of an extension in the works for Coach Pat Narduzzi.December 20 is the day Pitt and most other programs (that haven’t been through a major spin on the coaching carousel) look to have 90% or so of their recruiting class complete. (more…) 8pm ESPN2 I should be looking forward to this game more then I am. The natural, good hate that bubbles around the teams and the fans. The overwhelming majority of players have no real connection to the Backyard Brawl. Along with increasing the salary pool for assistants. (more…) Clearly, I underestimated the ability of this young Pitt basketball team to play down to the level of its competition.The last couple weeks have brought a bit of shake-up to the expected 2018 roster. This should be the kind of game where you hear the cliche, “You can throw out the records when these two…” Except you really can’t. Pitt may have won four in a row, but there is an inconsistency even in these wins, as this one and making it past High Point illustrated.Whether it is effort, coaching, youth and/or talent. Mary’s was as close to assuming a gimmee even for Pitt this year. After bottoming out against Penn State (I recognize the words, but not the arrangement), Pitt played better against Oklahoma State — but still lost.

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