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The real reason for this major change- the first in 50 years did not become general knowledge until 1953.The real story was that the Nazi’s had rounded up all the skilled engravers, and forgers and placed them in a camp. The NAZI’ counterfeit notes were so good that they were used to pay their spies.Led by historian Ed Hooper, the hour-long documentary is the Knoxville Convention’s legacy and will be given to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and the Medal of Honor recipients.“This documentary will help perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor for generations to come,” said Joe Thompson, co-chairman of the Medal of Honor Convention. Hooper and RIVR Media have done an excellent job recounting the history of the medal and sharing pertinent information and intricate historical details – most of which, no one has ever seen.” “The Medal of Honor: A History,” highlights the medal’s history dating back to its creation during the Civil War.Coats disease, named for the Scottish ophthalmologist George Coats, who first identified it, involves the abnormal development of the blood vessels behind the retina, which is the layer of tissue lining the eye’s inner surface.It can lead to retinal swelling and detachment and cause vision loss, typically in one eye only, if not caught early enough.Tennessee mother of two Tara Taylor may have very well saved the vision of her 3-year-old daughter simply by posting her photo on Facebook.

### About the Medal of Honor Convention The Congressional Medal of Honor Society is comprised solely of Medal of Honor recipients including men of all races, social classes and economic levels.

Monday, March 24, the world premiere of the film was held at The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D. Associate Justice and Army veteran, Samuel Alito Jr. and Knoxville were a phenomenal success,” Thompson said.

hosted the event and on March 31, a showing was held in Knoxville at the Regal Riviera Stadium 8 Theatre. “Monday’s event pulled the curtain back on what we have to look forward to at the convention this fall.” The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor given by Congress to American military personnel.

They were put to making engraving plates of the 5 pound note, and were working on the U. In 1950, a large quantity of the counterfeit notes, and some that were not perfect with samples of other forgery’s floated to the surface of a lake near Rirl Zeph in Germany.

The secret was out, but it was not publicized until 1953.

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