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"I thought about you and what a deep lack of character you have," he tells Pete. On season one's finale, "The Wheel," Don promotes Peggy — though this is less of a reflection of her skill and value and more a reflection of how badly Don wants to stick it to Pete.

In fact, most of what we learn about Don and Peggy in season one isn't through their relationship, it's through their respective relationships with Pete.

Yet as prim and proper as Peggy seems, it's only three episodes later, in "The Hobo Code," that Peggy and Pete are getting to the office early to have sex before the workday starts.

Don notices and mentions Peggy's ripped blouse collar, thus inducting her into the glass house club, where it's never okay to throw stones.

Don's someone who knows that you actually There's not another important Don and Peggy moment again until episode five, "5G," in which Peggy accidentally discovers that Don has a mistress.

He decides right then not to play along with Pete's blackmail scheme.This is also the episode where Peggy sells her first campaign, Belle Jolie's "Mark Your Man" slogan.You don't have to be like Don to be successful, but it helps.'s half-season finale is Sunday, wrapping up a run of seven episodes that have started to bring the show's guiding themes into sharper focus: mortality, morality, companionship, self-regard.This season has revisited ideas and characters from early on, retold stories from other episodes, and found many of our characters in uncannily familiar situations.

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