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Many Irish and Scottish Celts appeased their dead with a traditional Dumb Supper.On Samhain Eve, supper was served in absolute silence, and one place was set at the head of the table "for the ancestors".

He told me the following tale: " The Mac Donald's of Glen Coe have their own witch.Sidiethe often sings along the banks of Loche Linhe, near Glen Coe and sometimes she is weeping. " Faeries migrated from the summer hillocks to the winter barrows on Samhain night.Shortly before the massacre at Glen Coe in 1692, she was seen washing clothes at the ford of the river while she wept. Note: often the bean sidhe (banshee), attached to a great household is seen washing clothes or shrouds while she weeps, prior to a tragic death or catastrophe.) Sightings of this ghost go back as far as the 1100's. If you had families that were captured by fairies that year, this was the one night you could win them back, be snatching them off their faerie mounts as they rode by.It was a time of fairies, ghosts, demons, and witches.Winter itself was the Season of Ghosts, and Samhain is the night of their release from the Underworld.

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