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The federal government's Department of Railways and Canals took over operation of the GTPR until July 12, 1920, when it too was placed under the CNR.

The Canadian National Railway was organized on October 10, 1922.

The Newfoundland mixed trains lasted until 1988, while the Montreal commuter trains are now operated by Montreal's AMT.

In response to public concerns fearing loss of key transportation links, the government of Canada assumed majority ownership of the near bankrupt Canadian Northern Railway (CNo R) on September 6, 1918, and appointed a "Board of Management" to oversee the company.

In 1915, facing bankruptcy, GNWTC was acquired by the Canadian Northern Railway's telegraph company.

CNR's radio assets were sold for ,000 to a new public broadcaster, the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, which in turn became the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1936.

In subsequent years, several smaller independent railways would be added to the CNR as they went bankrupt, or it became politically expedient to do so, however the system was more or less finalized following the addition of the GTR.

Canadian National Railways was born out of both wartime and domestic urgency.

Canadian railways built and operated their own resort hotels, ostensibly to provide rail passengers travelling long distances a place to sleep overnight.

These hotels became attractions in and of themselves – a place for a rail passenger to go for a holiday.

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