Fishing dating web

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Someone was making a long speech about a lack of insect life on the river; I fell into a daydream. I’ve fished for 30 years and find it the most absorbing of sports.

Most rivers had little or no water; those that had seemed to flow straight into the eastern deserts.

And there was a whisper Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz might be taking the leads. I started to dream of red carpets and seeing the title of my book up there in lights.

It’s then I learned what a tough business the film industry can be.

My children were very supportive and refrained from asking me what I thought I was doing. I was approached by Kudos, a film production company, wanting to option the rights.

I suppose they imagined it was a harmless midlife crisis. How could I write about Yemen, when I hadn’t been there?

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