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The school, which was largely farm-based, had 145 pupils in 1881, but had dwindled to 80 by 1887 at which time questions were being raised about its management and viability. Active in 1878, when they had a new "hussars" uniform.

Took part in the first National Championships in 1900, conducted by Jesse Manley.

Bands which folded for more than 1 year (apart from during WW1/2) with a successor band being later formed are regarded as "extinct".

Any contributions of material, information, pictures, or suggestions, references etc. Where the material warrants it, a separate page or archive will be established for particular bands. X Brass Band, X Silver Band, X Silver Prize Band, are not cross-referenced, unless it is clear that they were separate entities.

In September 1914, under their original name, the Accrington Old Band was reported by the Accrington Observer as leading the parade of the newly formed Accrington Pals Battalion.

"They played lively tunes as they marched past the Mayor who stood in front of Accrington Town Hall." After WW1 the band reverted to a mixed brass/reed formation, in which it continues as the East Lancashire Concert Band. Competed in the Junior Shield in 1962, conducted by T. In early 1977 it was disbanded, then immediately reformed with a new constitution - to help assuage the drain of players to other bands. Active in 1864 when they played at the Hexham Flower Show in September.

Of the many brass bands that have flourished in Britain over the last 200 years very few have documented records covering their history.

This page is an attempt to collect together information about such bands and make it available to all. Where "active" dates are given these indicate documented appearances - the bands may well have existed beyond those dates quoted.

See also: Brass Bands Genealogy - for information on current bands' dates of origin and name changes See also: Brass Band Ancestors - for those seeking information on people and bands See also: Vintage Brass Band Pictures - for images of early brass bands See also: Vintage People Pictures - for images of early bandsmen (largely unnamed) See also: Brass Band Historians and Researchers - for details of those seeking information Please send any additions, corrections, comments or material to [email protected] Active in WW1.By the 90's however membership had declined to the point that the band had many more instruments than musicians, and the band merged with UDI Brass in 1997, to form UDI Aberdeen City Band and also Aberdeen Community Band, Formed in 1842, funded by public subscription.There were a total of 24 instruments, including such long forgotten items as Ophicleids and Serpents.Formed in Harwich by those who left the Harwich Town Band in 1936. When the Territorals were called to the Colours, the members were dispersed and the band went out of existance after just 3 years. This Industrial and Reform School was opened in 1891. An Abbott Memorial School Band was also active in 1886, when it took part in the "Monstre Children's Trip to South Shields" Formed in the 1890s, had paid off the instruments by 1899 - conductor William Way.In 1900 the band collected £4 as a donation to the war reservists' fund. Still active in the 1930s Founded in 1884, however it may not have lasted long.

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