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The buildings were not complex in structure and were built around a central megaron.The structural design was an earlier element of Helladic architecture.Below him were the local chiefs and controllers who looked after administrative duties.The safety of the state was the responsibility of the Lawagetas, the head of the army.The palace found at Mycenae matches Homer's description of Agamemnon's residence.The amount and quality of possessions found at the graves at the site provide an insight to the affluence and prosperity of the Mycenaean civilization.Because of this efficient hierarchy, the Mycenaean Age was economically and culturally affluent, while weapons, arms and armaments found in graves and sites confirm their society as military inclined.

Society: The difference of classes in societal structure can, to some extent, be derived from the goods that were buried in their graves.

The Mycenaeans invented there own script known as Linear B, which was an improved derivative of Linear A (a language commonly accepted as Minoan or Eteocretan).

Habitation: The settlements of Mycenaean civilization are largely known from archaeological remains.

The common people lived at the foot of the citadels in the countryside or nearby regions.

These settlements were generally based at hillocks or plains where land was fertile and water was abundant.

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