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Her exhibition, ‘Cheer Up Luv (London to NYC)’, poignantly demonstrates victimised people reclaiming their power, and is now on view at the ICP Museum as part of its ‘Projected’ series.Hatch’s show develops a platform for individuals to voice their experiences, thereby creating a sense of agency in a situation where their’s was once taken away.

Pictured: Liberated visions 19 December Photographer Eliza Hatch creates a visual representation of sexual harassment by taking portraits of women in the environments in which they have been threatened.

TICKETING: https:// Band Members: Pierre Lordet - bass clarinet Anne Quillier - keyboards Lucas Hercberg - bass Clément Black - drums The language of Asylon Terra is between pop, progressive jazz, repetitive music and electronic music. Electricity passes through the wood of Pierre Lordet’s bass clarinet, it allows distorted cries and long hypnotic loops; it also lets the ebony murmur her torn melodies.

The effects (distortion, delay, looper, octave, pitch …) allow a new approach to the instrument, within the sounds and textures, sometimes closer to the organ or even the electric guitar.

” By Lucas Hercberg (Laureate “Jazz Migration 2015”) opens the doors of rock.

Finally, the delicacy of Anne Quillier’s playing (Laureate “Jazz à la defense” 2013) on the Fender Rhodes, composer of the “Anne Quillier sextet”, reveals a textured jazz and a search for subtle textures with the Moog.

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