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Flat eyebrow will draw attention away from the length of your face and add a bit of width to it instead.It stops the gaze going up and down thus making the face shorter in comparison.Mislim da sam već nebrojeno puta naglasila kako su obrve moja bolna točka iz jednostavnog razloga – nemam ih.Dobro, pretjerujem, imam nešto sitnih dlačica koje bi trebale biti obrve no to su samo “neke tamo” dlačice.Best choice for heart shape is a rounded eyebrow with very soft arches.

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Make sure that the arch of your brow is directly above the square of the jaw.

I say through experience that no matter how much your skin glows or how professionally you apply your make up , the ‘something’s -wrong’ feeling stays if your eyebrows aren’t done correctly..

I can safely bet at one point or the other we have faced the horror of having our brows spoilt, that too by professionals. The whole pain of waiting for it grow back again, rubbing in litres of castor oil so that they grow faster and what not.

Brows should be on the thinner side to soften the appearance of the face.

Think – Marilyn Monroe The aim is to soften the striking curves of the face with rounded eyebrows.

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