Is timing a big deal for guys and dating

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[Read: Why guys love girls who ask for help] #8 You’re so immature.This single sentence can change a guy from behaving like a spoilt child and transform him into a sober man who’s walking to someone’s grave. He’ll hate you for always behaving like a mum and treating him like a brat.After all, he’s humiliated, bitter and he’s going to remember those words every time he gets into bed with you. At the same time, they also like offering help or feeling important by advising you or helping you carry those big bags or fixing your window.If you stop him from helping you every time he tries to show off his protective instincts and strength, he’ll subconsciously assume that you don’t think he’s capable of doing anything important.

And what starts off as a little argument could turn into an ego war that’ll hurt both of you. The fact that you want to talk about something serious with your guy is a good sign for the relationship.

[Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman] Ever heard of the midlife crisis?

Well, that’s what happens to men who feel like failures.

Have you ever seen your guy’s expression change and go from happy eyes to glassy eyes in a flash?

You’ve probably said something you really shouldn’t have.

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