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Investigators interviewed eight officers to determine that Roetting violated the department’s courtesy standards when he entered Officer Dawn Smalls’ unlocked cruiser and changed her mobile data computer status to: “Call 911 help I’m lost and don’t know where I am and where did the sun go?” If that level of documentation seems a bit much to you, try this one for size: “LATENSS.” That one word is how the Hamilton County’s Sheriff’s Office documented a tardiness infraction against Corrections Officer Matthew Rodgers on April 15, 2015.That allows users to see – for the first time – how the region’s police agencies compare to each other when it comes to enforcing departmental standards.The database our journalists built from those records includes 2,644 summaries of disciplinary actions involving 1,273 police officers in the last four years.

Captain Maris Herold filed a complaint against Roetting because his fellow officer was “embarrassed and offended” by the stunt and because he initially told a sergeant that he thought Officer Jeremy Howard was driving the unlocked car and he changed its status as a playful way of reminding him to lock his car in the future.Collectively, the departments in WCPO’s database reported about one case of discipline per officer since January 2013.Many of these incidents were minor infractions such as arriving to work late.Because the records go back only three years, it’s not always possible to evaluate the fairness of an individual penalty.A 15-day suspension for being 50 pounds overweight might seem unreasonable if you don’t know the officer had 10 additional infractions in the past.

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