Marsha ambrosius dating natalie stewart

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"When you disagree on where you are in your lives you can't create." .Check out a clip from their reunion performance after the performance. Do you think a Floetry reunion album may be in the works?How this reunion went under the radar, we don’t know.Marsha Ambrosius reunited with her Floetry collaborator Natalie Stewart during her “Friends and Lovers” tour in London Tuesday night (Dec.

The duo performed the fan favorites "Say Yes" and "Floetic." In July, Ambrosius seemed to have no interest in anything to do with her former bandmate.

(All Hip Hop News) England’s Floetry broke onto the U. music scene in 2002 with the radio hits “Floetic,” “Say Yes,” and “Getting Late.” Natalie Stewart (The Floacist) and Marsha Ambrosius (The Songstress) released two full length albums – Floetic and Flo’Ology, but the Neo Soul duo eventually parted ways to focus on their solo careers.

According to Stewart, Floetry is planning to reunite for a new tour.

If so, are you anxious to hear what they're working on?

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