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The PS1 and PS2 had strong lineups of family-friendly games…

Thank goodness the person at the other end was a Family member.They maybe USB l.0 or 1.1 but they should still work??? Thanks for all these How-To’s, they have been very handy for me to explain things to my mother about her PS3.I do have a question about video chat, i heard some rumor around the time that we got in-game XMB that sometime you would be giving us cross gaming video chat, maybe just a little half size image where the notices pop up in the right side of the screen.also know one know sony plans on the causal games market until we see it in E3 now there is a rumor going around there going to show a new control for causal games so if that true then you will see a numbers of games for the causal [email protected], @17, pick up the PS Eye, works great, has better audio.

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