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Director Andrej Lupin cameos as the titular “Author,” struggling to start an erotic story.

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Syphilis, a disease most people associate with the past, has returned with a roar, and public health experts think the rise in rates can be attributed at least partly to social media.

Before, when “an individual had (primary stage syphilis) and they knew the ...

Trained workers from Hsu’s division interview the person about any partners who may have been exposed.

But the author is still not satisfied, and instead pictures the couple standing, Sade stroking Kristof’s dick as they kiss, sitting to suck it as deep as she can take it, then lying back on the bed as he rubs her pussy through her white panties.

The author has hit his stride now, imagining Kristof on his back, Sade sitting astride him and guiding his long pole inside her tight, shaved pussy.

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