Ontrac tracking not updating

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It could take a few days for the check to reach them; another two before they cash the money order; another few days to get the package.Its better to go with pre-paid credit cards for speed.As cash and carry is not possible with virtual shops (cash is great for situations like going to Walmart or CVS and buying a pack of diapers or a baby bottle), it is more difficult to order items off the Internet, than purchasing them in stores.

More than likely, they will still be available next time you go to buy. You will have to send it via mail and wait for them to cash it before they send out your diapers.

It usually says something along the lines of "Pay Pal Transfer".

Note that some websites require Pay Pal, and a fairly significant amount of e Bay auctions require payment through one.

A problem with the prepaid credit card, is when you try to use them at a merchant that does Address Verification System (AVS).

This means that if they ask for the billing zip code, you will have issues.

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