Problems updating adobe flash player mac

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Another way to think about updates is it’s like driving a car.

The possibility of being in an accident doesn’t stop you from traveling in your vehicle, you just likely use your safety belt, have insurance, and drive intentionally to reduce the risks.

This is a good reminder that anything can fail and you should have a backup strategy in place.

Even robust systems that power the internet like Amazon Web Services can and do fail.

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As you can see, when you choose to download your applications through the App Store it makes the process of updating much easier and more organized.

Let’s dive deeper and look at updating within mac OS and the App Store and then we’ll take a look at updating within apps and through the web.

Follow along to build experience, exposure, and confidence with updating apps.

To launch the App Store, click the blue, round icon with the ‘A’ in your Dock (if you don’t see the icon in your Dock, click on Finder → Applications → App Store).

As shown in the photo below, you’ll notice the red badge with a number when updates are available.

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