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You’ll also learn how to give the right men a second chance and stop dating emotionally unavailable/abusive men for good! If that sounds like you, I’ll help you access your most authentic inner flirt.

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Do everything you can to meet good men (effectively date online, go to meetup and social events), and show up as your best self.Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and the work of Susan Scott, founder of Fierce, Inc. I love helping clients courageously advocate for their needs in a relationship, a crucial part of what’s missing in most failed relationships.Another area of study has been in the area of better understanding men.I don’t work with women who want a quick fix or want to place the blame on men for all the problems they’ve had in previous relationships.I don’t work with women who think that their relationship problems will be solved by just figuring out where the good men hang out.

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