T r knight dating

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The actor has recently said in an interview that there is a “real connection“between him and Miles; however, this isn’t about marriage because “I am ambivalent about marriage”.The couple currently lives in a luxurious loft apartment in Manhattan with their cat and two dogs.

Today, however, we know him as the “better half of Neil Patrick Harris”.

He didn’t like hurting people’s feelings, and he didn’t always stand up for himself. But oddly enough, sweet George and his puppy-dog eyes joining the Army was not the most surprising thing that happened in the final episodes of season 5. ” George was the one who ended up leaving us in the most shocking moment in history.

But by the end of season 5, George needed something more. Not only was this a rough way to go—dragged under a freakin’ bus—but it was George! So now, years later, Meredith’s gasp and those two words—It’s George!

Burke quickly identified George as “his guy” because of George’s instincts and ability to work well under pressure (heart surgery in an elevator, anyone? However, all interns make mistakes, and poor George just so happened to be the first of the bunch to do so. And when his best friend got skin cancer, he was there to help her make the most important decision of her life (not to mention walk her down the aisle).

By then, he had talked Bailey through a difficult birth — she named her child after him — he had what can only be described as the most traumatic bedroom experience of all time with Meredith, he lost his father, he got married, he got divorced, he fell for Izzie, and then he evolved into the hospital’s finest ER resident.

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