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As such, RBC constructed a basket of 20 Canadian stocks set to win in the Trump era, while avoiding the fallout from the president elect’s “disruptive proposals.”Here are RBC’s 20 top stocks for the Trump era (and their rationale for picking them): Financials The insurance giant is expected to generate close to half of its core earnings from the U. Like Manulife, Sun Life is expected to generate nearly half of its core earnings south of the border by 2018. The Laval-based convenience store giant in August acquired CST Brands, which has more than 2,000 stores in the U. The auto parts maker could be impacted by Trump’s plan to dismantle the North American Free Trade Agreement, but RBC says its shares are already priced near a worst-case scenario. corporate tax rate by half, Manulife could see as much as a 10 per cent lift to core earnings, RBC says. This puts Couche-Tard in a good position to benefit from cuts to U. personal tax rates, which could jumpstart discretionary spending south of the border. Find out more in section 4.6 How does TV Licensing use cookies?It is the responsibility of third party websites themselves to provide information about non-TV Licensing cookies that may be served from their site.

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