Your doorman is intimidating

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She has described herself, accurately, as a “bald-headed alien.”When Rose gets to talking, she gets to smoking, which leads to preaching.She still has at least one thing in common with West.She was with him as he masterminded his own redemption story on That all ended years ago, but somehow Rose has only grown more famous.And these days, she’s on a mission to prove that there are more interesting things about Amber Rose than her entombed romance with the most interesting man in culture.

She was by his side as he went into self-imposed exile from the press.

Let’s get this out of the way: Amber Rose is the most famous girlfriend in rap history.

She went from the streets of South Philly to the stripper pole to the background of music videos to Kanye’s arm, where she stayed for two of the most turbulent years of his career—the period following his mother’s death in 2007, and the ambivalent reception to his post-—all while becoming an object of fascination and lust among music fans and gossip blogs.

(Hint: It’s not Khalifa.) There is no way to watch Amber Rose’s head being licked, even by her toddler son, without recalling the iconic Terry Richardson photo of Kanye West doing the same.

Rose is so sick of talking about West—my ex, she calls him, never using his name—but right now she doesn’t have to say a word for his ghost to appear.

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